e편한세상 Smart Home  
All New Stylelec
Brand Film



e편한세상 Smart Home  All New Stylelec

Client - Daelim
Agency - imagopictures

Director - lee hyuk soo
3D Art Director - park sung hyun
2D,3D motion grapher - kim han gyeul, lee jung hyun , park so jung
Sound - kim sunwoo hwan



전문 기술과 독창적 디자인의 기준을 제시하는 e편한세상의 스마트홈. All New Stylelec의 디자인 및 기능성에 대한 홍보영상을 제작했습니다.따뜻하고 편리한 기능이 잘 녹아들 수 있도록 디자인 및 기능을 영상으로 표현했습니다.
‌High-end technology and creative design come together in the E-Life Smart Home. Here you can see our promotional video for the all new Stylelec concept of homes and living. Our goal was to showcase the functionality of this brand new experience, built on practical ease of use and comfort.